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  • Cracking service, really good guys, they come in get the job done and off they go again no fuss or hassle and saves me time and money! cheers lads.

    John JB's
  • Saves me time, money and gives me great beer !

    Cheers - Shaun - Carpenters Arms
  • Our golf club have used the Cellar Services team for over ten years, they have saved us a fortune over these years and have always provided a fantastic service. They come in on the same day and time every three weeks, they have never let us down. I would highly recommend their service.

  • My wife and I have been in the pub trade for many years and I wish I had found these boys earlier, they have been working with us for the past 5 years and they do a brilliant job. I always cleaned my lines every Thursday morning but was convinced by my brother in law to give them a try as he had them in his pub in Brecon, I would never go back to cleaning my own lines now, the beer is top quality, they check all my equipment and I am saving a load of money on my wastage. I used to throw away nearly 60 pints a week in my line clean now I'm only throwing it away once very three weeks!

    Jim & Eileen (Bell)
  • Great team of guys, when we took over our pub three years ago the place was really struggling, my wife and I had never run a pub before so when our accountant recommended the Cellar Services team we thought it was one less worry for us and we were right, they take care of the cellar for us, not just making sure we have the best beer in the village but also letting us know if there are any problems with the cooling or equipment, they have helped us on many occasions and they have never charged us any extra. Many thanks

    John @ The White Hart