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Keg Watch

Lost Kegs

Each year the brewing industry loses many millions of pounds through the theft and misappropriation of kegs, casks (beer barrels) and dispense gas cylinders. Keg Watch is the organisation committed to reducing these losses.

Keg Watch Limited is a Trade Association limited by guarantee. We represent the interests of over 1000 members from micro to international brewers, cider makers and the major suppliers of dispense gases to the industry.

The aim of this website is to provide information about Keg Watch to licensees, the industry, the police and the public and to raise awareness of the issues involved.

If you are involved in handling stolen kegs, the penalties are severe.

Keg Watch pays rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the theft or unauthorised destruction of containers.

Keg Watch operates a confidential free phone line called Keg Line for any general queries or information you may have on our new number 0808 100 1945.

Are you having problems getting your kegs or casks uplifted? Phone the Keg Line now.