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Finally January is over……………


January can be a quiet month in the licensed trade, following the manic Christmas and New Years period it can be a good time to take a well earned break!It’s not long however before we are counting down the days to February and a return to ‘normal’ or as normal as the licenced trade ever gets.

February really signals the ‘START’ of the year for many pubs, ‘Dryanuary’ is gone and most people are regretting signing that 6 months gym membership! It’s time for the pubs and clubs to welcome their patrons back with a bang as the 6 Nations rugby is just starting!

Most of us here are rugby fans, but that really does not matter because this is the 6 Nations and we all know that the 6 nations is not just for rugby fans, it is one of the few events where everyone seems to get together behind their team (country) and for this short and wonderful tournament the whole of the UK and Ireland goes rugby mad. It’s great to hear the singing and see the colours and the passion on display at the stadiums…….but it’s equally heart-warming to see the pubs and clubs full with enthusiastic fans.

In our opinion there is no better way to enjoy sport than at your local, having a few pints with friends to either celebrate or commiserate. So good luck to all the players, coaches and even officials at this year’s 6 Nations and a special good luck message to all working behind the bar!