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Cellar Tips

The cellar temperature should be 11 – 13°C.  This will help to ensure the quality of presentation and taste of your beer.

If the temperature in the cellar is too high for a prolonged period it will result in fobbing beer which will increase your waste and will result in poor presentation at the bar.

If the cellar is too cold it can result in the beer dispensing ‘flat’ especially with cask ales where it needs to be kept above 10°C to condition correctly.

It is important to ensure that your cellar is correctly insulated, the use of cellar curtains to close off larger cellars can help with maintaining a stable temperature and can help reduce the cost of electricity used to power the cellar cooling fan units.  Even simply remembering to keep doors closed can really assist in keeping your cellar working correctly and reduce your running costs.

More Cellar Tips – Coming soon.